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Testimonials | West Coast Building Services

West Coast Building Services is the best vendor I have had in the 15 years I've lived here.  The owner, Jessie McGuiness, did my work. I recommend him to all of you and suggest we ask him to bid on the next common area carpet needs.

- HJ Kornfield, CA

One of the primary reasons for our current success is our dedication to complete customer satisfaction. Over our many years of experience in this field, we’ve gradually gained a pool of loyal customers who have been relying on our abilities time and time again.

Jesse, we're very happy with your cleaning service. We'd be happy to recommend your company anytime."
- Pam, Unigen Corporation, Fremont, CA

No worries I received the invoice via fax for Alejandro, thank you. I like the work you have been doing for me and that is why I am referring you to my owner's and tenants for house keeping services. I will pass you along to my other co-workers but none of us do apartments. You should look on Craig's list to see who handles small apartment complexes (large ones usually have their own) and email them and mail out your information. Please feel free to always put me down as a reference they can call.

- Trish Ferreira, Marquise Property Management, Inc.