October 19

WBS Carpet Cleaning Santa Clara


Westcoast Building Services is a major cleaning service provider in Santa Clara. We cater to both commercial cleaning projects in the city, and our reputation is that of a highly efficient and cost-effective carpet cleaner in Santa Clara.The benefits of getting your carpets cleaned by WBS technicians are many. Some of them are mentioned below:

Careful pre and post-inspection

Before we get to the task of cleaning up your carpets, we like to inspect them for the material it is made of and the level of soiling. It is then that we decide a customized cleaning plan for you using the equipment, cleansers, and cleaning methods that suit your carpets best. This not only helps get your carpets flawlessly clean, but also helps maintain good carpet health in the long term.

After a thorough clean-up, we once again check your carpets to see if they have been completely cleaned. The post-inspection ensures that not a single dust particle or minor stain is left behind.

The revolutionary Rotovac technology

We use the latest Rotovac machinery to do our job. As an experienced carpet cleaner in Santa Clara, CA, we have found this one to be the best equipment for cleaning. It helps remove tough stains like wine spills and pet urine like they never existed.

Some of the best trained Santa Clara cleaning professionals

All our technicians are extensively trained before they begin visiting homes and commercial buildings for performing carpet cleaning jobs. They will take good care of your carpets, and also the furniture and other belongings around.

Our transparency policy

At WBS, it is a part of our professional ethics to maintain transparency and hide nothing from the clients. That is why, although we strive to give you the cleanest carpets in the world but in case there is something we cannot handle, we tell you right then before starting the cleaning operations. We would make no false promises and disappoint you later.

So if you want to witness the best Santa Clara carpet cleaning, Call WBS now and fix an appointment with one of our expert cleaning teams.


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