October 19

WBS – The Most Loved San Jose Carpet Cleaner


West Coast Building Services LLC (WBS) is proud to offers its services to San Jose – the largest city in Bay Area. The residents of the city have fairly high expectations of service standards and WBS invariably exceeds the expectations owing to their expertise in the field and dedicated service.

Why WBS is the preferred Carpet Cleaning Company in San Jose, CA?

At WBS, we believe that to develop trust amongst people you need to deliver value to your customers. Mentioned here are five factors that make WBS the best San Jose carpet cleaning company.

Advanced carpet cleaning technology - We make use of revolutionary Rotovac cleaning machines to give a thorough cleaning to your carpet. The advanced machine is safe for your carpet and ensures a deep clean so that any allergens and stains are removed from your carpet.

Gentle and effective carpet cleaning - WBS has been in the carpet cleaning business for over two decade. While striving to make your carpet spotlessly clean we make sure the fibers in your expensive carpet are not harmed a bit. In fact, once the cleaning process is complete you'll find your carpet is shining like it did when it was purchased.

Range of allied services - WBS provides a range of allied carpet cleaning services to ensure your carpets appears like new and lasts for years. We offer repairing, dying, stretching and installation services to maintain the glory of your carpet.

Highly experienced carpet cleaning professionals - Our San Jose cleaning professionals are trained in their jobs and are given regular instructions on latest carpet cleaning practices. But most importantly they are extremely passionate about their job and will clean every inch of your carpet to the best of their abilities.

Offer you a safe environment - At WBS we make use of environmentally safe cleaning practices. The chemicals we use are safe for pets, kids and elderly who may be suffering from allergy.

Contact us

If you have any sort of carpet cleaning requirement in San Jose for residences or for commercial set-ups consider giving us a call to know more about our services or for a free estimate. We are always polite and pleased to answer queries so don’t hesitate to know more about our carpet cleaning San Jose services.

For professional San Jose carpet cleaning services or if you need an emergency response, Call us at 408-238-9134!


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