Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning

Dirty carpets reflect badly on a business. If clients walk in and see stains and discolored carpeting, it doesn’t leave a good impression on your company. Keeping the carpets looking clean and fresh is challenging when you have a lot of traffic, but we can help!

Routine vacuuming is necessary to remove dry soil and debris from your carpet, but there are still oils and other particles left behind. Food and drink spills, water and mud tracked in from outdoors, and just traffic volume will accumulate and get embedded into the carpet fibers. This ground-in residue cannot be removed simply by vacuuming.

commercial carpet cleaning

State-of-the-Art Carpet Cleaning Equipment

It used to be that carpeting had to be replaced when the soil got so embedded because most cleaning methods didn’t work well enough. But with the new technology offered by the Cimex carpet cleaning machine, you can save money by extending the life of your carpet. With this advanced carpet cleaning system, we can restore soiled carpet to look like new!

Compared to alternative carpet-cleaning methods, like the suction wand, the Cimex Carpet Machine sets the industry standard for low moisture carpet encapsulation cleaning. This method of shampooing uses a polymer solution that encases or “encapsulates” the dirt particles.

The main benefit of using the Cimex machine is the level of cleanliness achieved. The typical hot water extraction method uses soapy detergents that leaves a sticky residue in the carpet fibers. This residue will attract dirt. The Cimex encapsulation method creates a hard crystal shell around dirt, which is removed by vacuuming. Also, because there is much less water used in the cleaning process, it reduces water use and carpets dry more quickly.

Effective Floor Cleaning

WBS uses the revolutionary Rotovac system to clean all types of floors. This high-tech machine is equipped with interchangeable cleaning heads that are excellent at cleaning most hard surfaces. It does an amazing job, thoroughly removing any dirt and buildup on most flooring, like tile, linoleum, ceramic, and more. It even has the capability to get the grout that’s turned dull and gray sparkling white again!

WBS can also polish your floors so they shine like glass. They’ll be protected from spills and stains, so regular cleaning will be quicker and more effective.

Personalized Cleaning

There are many different types of carpets, flooring, and other hard surfaces. Some respond better to one cleaning method, and others need more specialized treatments.

That’s why Westcoast Building Services LLC will meet with you and personally evaluate your individual situation and needs, and the types of cleaning needed. We have over three decades of experience in cleaning carpets and flooring, so we will give you our professional opinion and advice you on the best method to clean your carpets and floors.

Once we agree on the cleaning method, schedule, and price, we will prepare your contract for signature. Then we’ll get to work getting your carpets and floors clean and sanitary.

Get the Results You Expect and Deserve

Westcoast Building Services LLC offers fully trained experts to provide the best carpet and floor cleaning service available in San Jose. Call us for commercial carpet, tile, grout, hardwood and rug cleaning services in Silicon Valley and Northern California.

When you hire WBS to clean your commercial carpets and floors, you can be confident that we will give you the best results. We have our own internal quality assurance process in place to ensure the job is done right. We will walk through the completed project with you to make sure you are happy with the outcome. If not, we’ll continue cleaning until you are 100% satisfied.

Contact us today for a free consultation for your carpet and floor cleaning project.

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